Shed Your Layers at the Door

Shed Your Layers at the Door

Hire us for heating repair services in Lindenhurst or Gurnee, IL

It's no secret that northern Illinois can get brutally cold, making reliable heating even more important. Instead of settling for loud space heaters and heavy blankets, get your heat pump or furnace repaired once and for all.

Ed Fellow Plumbing & Heating provides heating repair services for homes and businesses in Lindenhurst and Gurnee, IL. We have more than 50 years of experience and can fix any heating problem you come across, no matter the make or model of your unit.

Call today to schedule your heat pump or furnace repair.

How to tell if you need heating repairs

Many things could cause your heating unit might break down. When you find yourself without warm air, turn to Ed Fellow Plumbing & Heating for affordable furnace repair services.

Our professionals can help when:

  • Your heater is constantly running.
  • Your unit makes banging or gurgling noises.
  • Your pilot light goes out.
  • Your furnace smells like it's burning.
  • Your heater struggles to keep up with demand.

Call to schedule heating repair service today and stay comfortable in your home or office.